Closing film

Ice Kiss (Iskyss)
Closing film

November, 22, 14.00 
Kirova Palace, Festival's Hall

Ice Kiss is a strong and poetic love story based on Gunvor Galtung Haavik's double life through 30 years. During the Cold War, she was employed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and assigned to the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow. With the information she had access to in the capacity of her position as interpreter and secretary, she frequently fed the KGB secret information, in her role as a Russian agent. Knut Erik Jensen has made this film leaning on documentation and inspiration from Alf R. Jacobsen's book Iskyss, and Gunvor Galtung Haavik's own letters to her secret Russian lover Vladimir Kozlov.

Director – Knut Erik Jensen

Knut Erik Jensen was born October 8th 1940 in Honningsvåg, a small coastal town in the far north of Norway. On account of the occupying German forces enforcing the tactics of ”scorched earth” during their retreat from Northern Norway the winter of 1944-1945, and evacuated most of the population further south, Jensen spent some of his early years in the evacuee-camp Trondenes nearby Harstad. After WWII Jensen also witnessed the ensuing Cold War and its effects first hand, again due to his native soil, seeing as his home county of Finnmark became a vital strategic area, due to sharing a 196 km long border with the Soviet Union.