Forward, to the North

Screening of the film Georgiy Sedov's Expedition. 1912-1914

November, 20 – 18.00
Big hall of the Kirova Palace

The Northern Character invites the participants of the festival to the cinema reunion Forward, to the North! You will see the first documentary about the Arctic in the world's history. The director of the film Georgiy Sedov' Expedition 1912-1914 is a well-known artist Nikolay Pinegin. He took part in the expedition, made photo and video, drew sketches. Pinegin has become the prototype of the main character of the novel Two captains written by a famous writer Veniamin Kaverin.
The film Georgiy Sedov' Expedition 1912-1914 tells about the first scientific expedition to the North Pole that started on the 14th of September 1912 from Arkhangelsk. You will see the unique chronicle about preparations to the expedition. The old type keeps the shots of St Foka's send-off with the participants of the expedition on board, movement of the ship to the coast of the Novaya Zemlya.
In addition to the film's screening there will be presented a historical exhibition from the Murmansk local museum. It'll be possible to see private things of Georgiy Sedov and members of the expedition. Among them is a box with the inscription Sedov. 1895. That year Sedov entered nautical school in Rostov-on-Don. There will be also presented a special badge To the donor of the expedition which was given to them who invested money in the expedition. It's known that a famous singer Fedor Shalyapin and the tsar Nikolay the II had such badges.
Among the museum pieces you'll see also a picture St Foka in the ice that was drawn during the drift of the ship by Pinegin and presented to one of the sailors.

The viewers of the fill will be able to feel the spirit of that romantic time of the beginning of the 20th century, when courage and curiosity helped people to overcome impassable ice.

Music score of the screening is provided by Song and dance company of the Red Banner Northern Fleet. This oldest music group in the region formed in July 1940. Nowadays the Company is a unique art workshop. Wide range of music and dance styles is a hallmark of the company. Mostly the repertoire consists of sea and the North themes, Russian and foreign classical pieces, folk music. Alongside with them musicians work in pop styles. The companie's orchestra can appear on stage separately with a jazz programme, choir – with a capella programme which contains the best music pieces and folk songs. The company is well-known in Russia but it is most beloved by the Northern Fleet navy men. 
The head of the Company composed music especially for the screening. Art director of the Company is Commander, honoured artworker Dmitry Akmanov.

The Northern Traveling Film Festival presents the film "Sedov". The head of the Festival is Marina Yuzhaninova.