Chairman of the Jury – Dmitry Talankin 
A film director, production director of “Mosfilm” film studio, composer, poet, member of the National Artworkers Center board, member of the Moscow branch of the Motion Picture Union board.

Dmitry was born in Sukhumi, 1960, lives in Moscow. He graduated director faculty of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography in 1982, in 2000 finished internship in Moscow State P. Chaikovsky Conservatory, in 2008 he did a course of theology.

In 1998 – 2000 worked as a research officer of a Computation Center and Music Theory lecturer in Moscow Conservatory, 1999 – 2007 was Director Faculty dean and a department chair of Directorial Art of Humanities Institute of TV&Radio Broadcasting.

Since 2009 Dmitry has been a Direction department chair of Moscow Institute of TV&Radio Broadcasting “Ostankino”.

Reijo Nikkila (Finland)

Born in 1939. Studied Russian, Czech and Spanish at the Universities of Helsinki, Leningrad, Olomouc and Prague. He started his career as a journalist in TASS-Helsinki bureau 1966, but left the job exactly two years later as a protest to the Soviet occupation of CSSR. He worked for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLEISRADIO since 1968. From 1977 he was a Moscow-based foreign correspondent until 1987 when he became a full-time documentary filmmaker. The years 1991-95 he was a commissioning editor for Yleisradio`s Eastern Project.
He retired from YLE in december 2001. 


Sari Pöyhönen (Finland)

Journalist. Since 2010 has been working as Media and culture, Assistant of consul in the Murmansk department of the Finnish consulate general in St Petersburg. Sari was born in 1976. In 1996 – 1997 she studied Russian in the Russian State Culture Academy in St Petersburg. Sari has also studied journalistic and Slovak language in the university of Jyvaskula, Finland, and in the Comenius university in Bratislava. She has Master degree on philosophy in the university of Jyvaskula. Her degree thesis was devoted to the image of Russia in Finnish media. Before moving to Murmansk Sari Pöyhönen worked as a journalist in the Northern Finland.


Bernt Viklund (Sweden)

A television journalist, director and producer. He has directed, produced and managed many international prize-winning documentary projects for televison. He started to cooperate with colleagues from Finland, Norway and Russia in the middle of the eightes and is one of the veterans of the International Association of journalists Barents Press International. Bernt Viklund was also the founder of the Barents TV Festival and Barents Media Academy. These projects united the representatives of the State /National Television and Radio Broadcasting Companies from the North West Russia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The idea of a TV forum was followed up by the new festival Northern Character.


Gunilla Bresky (Sweden) 

Journalist and director, working at Swedish Radio with documentaries and drama.

She started to make films in 1995 when she came to Russia, and has specialized in stories from the far north. Her films about the unknown history of World War II in the Arctic have been awarded prizes at many international festivals, eg the Northern Characters Grand Priix for “A Grey Blanket with Embroidered Flowers” about a Norwegian woman who took part in the resistance and “Night Witches” about women bomb pilots during the war.  


Bondarev Sergey (Russia)

Since 1992 he has been working in television production. He worked his way up from reporter to media-trainer. He is a laureate of the international television festivals “Human and the sea”, “The Golden tambourine”, “Whole Russia”. Sergey Bondarev has been holding more than 500 trainings, consultations in big and small television companies: from Murmansk to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok, from Norilsk and Salekhard to Almaty, Hudgend, Konibodom and Dushanbe. He is generally active expert of television forums “The Golden tambourine” (Khanty-Mansiysk) “Bratina” (Moscow area), “Profi” (Far East).


Mikhail Ananyev (Russia)

Journalist, scriptwriter, producer. Started his career as a correspondent in the newspaper Monchegorskiy rabochiy in the Murmansk region. He used to be one of the first Djs in Murmansk working on the radio station Radiotron. Worked as a journalist on TV-21 and GTRK Murman. Eight years ago moved to Moscow. Three years ago founded his own company that produces documentary. Scriptwriter and producer of more than 70 TV films and programs, shown on the federal channels. Dreams to make feature film. Is absolutely sure that he will do that.


SnorreTønset (Norway)

SnorreTønset is a  documentary director and investigative reporter working with the national television corporation NRK in Oslo. He has 28 years of experience from TV-production within news, current affairs programsand documentaries. The last two years he has been an executive producer with the Documentary department of NRK. He and his staff were awarded Prix Italia for Best Current Affairs Documentary of 2011 with the film "Operation Sea Breeze".  In 2012 he was also nominated to Prix Europe as executive producer with "Aftermath" – a documentary about the victims of the terror attacks at Utøya July 22, 2011.

Tønset has been a jury member both at Prix Italia and Prix Europe documentary categories.  He also has several years of teaching storytelling and dramaturgy with NRK´s internal training department. 

Nikolay Bakshevnikov (Russia, Murmansk)

A journalist. He became a correspondent in the youth newspaper Komsomolets Zapolyarya when he was 19. Later he became the editor of this paper. For many years he worked for the weekly newspaper Rybny Murman and for Polyarnaya Pravda. N. Bakshevnikov headed the Committee on Press and Publishing of the Murmansk region admi-nistration. He has been a member of Russian Union of Journalists since 1973 and for 14 years headed Murmansk regional department of this organization. N. Bakshevnikov is an associate professor of Murmansk Humanities Institute and a member of scientifi c publishing council of The Kola Encyclopedia. Since 2008 he has been a member of the Public Chamber of the Murmansk region, the Chairman of Commission on education, science, culture, communication, information policy and freedom of speech in Mass Media.

Soldatova Svetlana (Russia)

The President of the Festival, author of several documentaries. She regards the first prize in “Short report” nomination in International Barents Festival held in Piteo as one of her achievements. The idea of a mediaforum of that kind inspired her to create “The Northern Character”. Svetlana embarked upon her career as a reporter in a youth news room of State TV and radio company “Murman”. 2003 she came to TV21 company where invented a number of TV projects. In 2006 Svetlana launched “Our morning” programme, 2009 – she headed TV21 company. In 2012 Svetlana Soldatova started working for “Mediaplatforma” LLC.


Marina Goncharenko (Russia)

Journalist. Was born in Leningrad, graduated from the faculty of journalism of the Leningrad State University. Being a student started her career in the newspaper Smena and followed the way from a reporter to the deputy of the editor-in-chief. Took part in the creation of the new media – the first independent newspaper of St Petersburg Chas pik (political observer) and of the independent political magazine Gorod (deputy of the editor-in-chief). Used to teach students of the faculty of journalism in the SPBGU. Was among founders of the magazines PR-dialogue and Mass Media in the XXI century. Since September, 2010 is the editor-in-chief of the murmansk regional newspaper Murmanskiy Vestnik. Member of the Journalists' Union of Russia from 1985.