Master-class «Modern Methods and Trends in Documentary and Television Reports»

Presenter – Olav Njastad

November, 20th , 11.00-13.00, 14.00-16.00
Big conference-hall of the Meridian Hotel

Olav Njastad – Journalist, director, television journalism teacher and author of four books on journalism.

Norwegian trainer will share his experience in documentary filmmaking and show how he works with SLR Canon 5 D.
Participants will also see and discuss the documentary film The Afghan Nightmare. Film was awarded at international competitions in Berlin, Las Vegas, New York, Madrid and London. Olav Njastad was head of the project.
Now he is the editor-in- chief of a series Idealists , NRK documentarie .    



Master-class How to make a Successful Report by Sergey Bondarev

November, 21, 10:00 – 12:00

Big conference hall of the hotel Meridian

Let us try to find out – where do they take these boring and banal reports on TV from. Probably they prefer to read press-releases than to make researches in the archives, newspapers, magazines and reference books to dig out valuable grains of information and put them into the fire of a new idea. And what about reconnaissance? And where is our informants' network? What are we going to do after collecting all the material? Can you construct a conflict?

Of course it happens when the idea comes straight up to your hands. We call it the reporter's good luck – we need it urgently. But in most cases this reporters good luck raises up from a serious research and work. And if you are not lazy-bones, but energetic, inquisitive and curious people, then it's high time to meet and discuss all that.


An evening with the Jury Chairman, film director Dmitry Talankin event

November, 21 18:00

Festival Hall Kirov Culture Center


  1. Western and Russian mentality – the drama and documentary approach polarity.

  2. Christianity in documentary of post-Christian age.




Special screening of the Norwegian documentary ”Strictly Confidential”

Introduction by director Benedicte Orvung.

After the film screening – director´s meeting with the audience.


The Norwegian director Benedicte Orvung presents her documentary”Strictly Confidential” – a film that took her 10 years to make.

After screening the film, Benedicte will meet the audience and tell about the special challenges she faced while working on this film; digging in her own painful and shameful family history.


Director – Benedicte M. Orvung

After working as a still photographer for many years Benedicte Maria Orvung (b. 1965) was educated at the Oslo Film & TV Academy from 1992 – 1994, before attending Dramatiska Institutet (now Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts) in Stockholm, graduating in 1998. Orvung was born in northern Norway, but grew up in Paris, until her family moved back to Norway in 1975. Since her childhood she has expressed a great interest in both the theatre and the moving pictures.


She made her directorial debut with the short Pussig in 1994 and has since directed several award-winning short- and documentary films like Disa Moves to Japan (2003) and Strictly Confidential(2010).