"Russian children abroad: Problems in relation to the Children Welfare system in various countries and medias role in such cases."

November, 22, 10.00 Kirova Palace Festival's Hall

That is the issue for discussion on the traditional media forum, which is always held on the festival Northern Character. 

How often we hear the stories about sad destiny of the children, when mother and father not only can decide with whom a child will live, but even in what country. We want to discuss this issue and invited to participate in the media forum 

Russian and foreign journalists and representatives of organizations that protect the rights of children. We will watch fragments from Russian and Norwegian films related to this topic and try to find answers to the questions:

-Why Russian mothers often believe that foreign children’s care institutions are too harsh and unfair?

-Do little Russians abroad need help of Russian authorities and journalists ?

- Can we achieve a common understanding and to ensure that children of mixed families are happy?

The forum is open to all participants of the festival and for media in Murmansk region. Date: November 22, 2012 from 10 to 12. Venue: Festival Hall of the Regional Palace of Culture.

The host is Mikhail Ananiev, the head of the production center “Studio 8”




Natalya Solovyova

Reporter and news anchor. She came to TV-21 in 2006. The main topics of her stories – politics and international relations. She made a special report "To be a mother."

In 2011 several women who live in Norway called TV-21 and told that Norwegian social services withdrew their children. They insisted that the problem was extremely serious and that children are taken easily from Russian families in Norway. One call from a neighbor house is enough but who will protect the rights of a mother? Probably, the juvenile justice system has become a double edged sword but who knows if it threatens families from Russia? TV team of TV-21 tried to check it and to study the problem both in Russia and Norway.



Boris Kogan

Children's ombudsman in the Murmansk Region. For many years he was the head of the Murmansk City Department of Education. Boris Kogan has a title “Honored teacher of the Russian Federation”.

He has served as a children's ombudsman since February, 2011. Boris Kogan actively works for strengthening of cooperation with Norwegian authorities on the situation for children in Russian-Norwegian families.




Eilina Gusatinskaya

Editor- in- chief of Spectrum, Russian language newspaper in Finland. The newspaper has been published since 1998.
Eilina was born in 1964 in Moscow in a Finnish-Russian family. In 1990 she graduated from the Moscow state university, department of Journalism. Now Gusatinskaya he lives in Finland. She is an active participant of public debates on immigration policy, the situation for minorities and other actual issues.



Bodil Voldmo Sachse 

Is a videojournalist and documentary maker, working with NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, in Oslo. She previously worked as a news journalist: in NRK, TV Norway, the newspaper HamarArbeiderblad and the magazine SAS Inside, too.

Sachse has also been teaching with NRK´s internal training department.

The last years she has been working with the NRK Documentary Department, making TV-documentary series on various topics, among them about the Norwegian Child Welfare Services. In this series,titled “For the child´s best”, Bodil and the NRK-team got a unique access to behind the usually closed doors of the Norwegian Child Welfare Services- to the work of the municipal Child Welfare Services in Nesna, a small local community in Northern Norway. Over a year, the audienceis following the development of several concrete cases where the decisionsare still not made and the pain of the dilemmas is deeply felt.



Mona Helen Håkonsen

Mona Helen Håkonsen is an independent consultant to the Children Welfare Services in several local municipalities in northern Norway. She is educated as a Children Welfare Pedagogue and has been working with children welfare for 13 years. She has also been studying sociology and vocational consulting.

Mona Helen Håkonsen lives in Mo i Rana in Nordland county.