Out-of-competition screening


November, 20
Kirov palace of culture, festival hall

A day in the life of three happy-go-lucky unemployed 30 year-old guys in Helsinki

Producers: Rimbo Salomaa ja Lasse Saarinen/Kinotar Oy

Director: Ville Jankeri

Script: Ville Jankeri and Mikko Rimminen

(From the novel by Mikko Rimminen)

Marshall can´t sleep and he feels depressed. His friends, Pasty and Henninen, lure him out from his dusty flat. After a lazy resistance Marshall agrees and finds himself spending a hot summer day in parks, streets and beer terraces in Helsinki. During the day they meet interesting people. From nice girls in the park to cops with no sense of humor. The day goes from early morning sun to a heavy rain at nightfall. When all hope seems to be gone and their clothes are wet the sun rises again. Then it is time to stop and look friendship deep in the eye.



November, 20
Kirov palace of culture, festival hall

This is the story of the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull 2010 and how it affected the farmers at Thorvaldseyri, who live underneath the active volcano. Filming took place during the eruption and the following months.

The story tells about how life on the farm was before the eruption and what the people went through during the eruption which lasted almost 2 months.

The people had to evacuate their home 4 times for different reasons and leave 200 animals, mostly cattle; for the first time when the eruption started and it was unknown where the craters had opened up, then due to flooding when the ice started to melt, and twice due to huge amount of ash descending upon them. Then we filmed when people came to help remove the ash and clean the premises and how the people were able to recuperate and built up the farm again.