Yusup Razykov is a director, screenwriter, actor and an artist. He originates from the military family.  After he graduated the school, he studied at the Faculty of Philology at the Tashkent State University and at the same tame worked at the Uzbekfilm studio as an illuminator. In 1986 he graduated the the VGIK screenwriting faculty (where he studied under the supervision of V. Chernykh). In 1983, at the Moscow Youth Film Festival, his script to the film "Staircase in the house with elevator” won the main prize of the festival for the best short film script (the film director is Aman Kamchibekov).  Since October 1990 he has been working as a head of the "Uzbekfilm" film studio. He is a director and scriptwriter of the first Uzbek TV series “Domla” (1994) and “Order” (1997). He is an honored artist of the Uzbekistan Republic (since 2001) and the author of the acclaimed film “Shame”. This film was shot in Liinakhamari and describes a story of submariners' wives, as well as love and devotion. He also directed “Turkish saddle" film and now is working with two film projects – "Dance with sabers" and "Kerosene”.


Kersti Grunditz Brennan is a Filmmaker, Editor, Assistant Professor of Film Editing and PhD-candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts. She has her MFA in dance, but has for the past 20 years mainly worked with documentary film for both cinema and more arts related contexts. She is the editor of several award-winning documentaries and the director of films about Kerstin Ekman, Carl Johan De Geer and the festival touring, award winning film about Michael Jackson’s choreographer Vincent Paterson; The Man Behind the Throne which sold to 15 countries. Most recently she edited, co-wrote and co-directed the documentary Citizen Schein, which premiered in theatres in March 2017 to critical acclaim and was nominated to both Guldbaggen Award (Best Editing, Best Screenplay) and Kristallen Award (Best documentary).


Per Kristian Olsen (1955 Tromsø, Norway) studied literature, history and languages at University of Tromsø. After graduation in 1983 he worked as a journalist for several Norwegian newspapers both in Tromsø, Kirkenes and Oslo. Since 1989 he has been director/producer for NRK radio and from 2000 for NRK Television North-Norway in Tromsø where he has written and directed several TV documentaries and documentary series on a wide number of subjects from rock music via literature, sled dogs to historical and contemporary political issues. He has received a number of awards, amongst them first price at Northern Character in both the Documentary and Television Program categories.


Janne Niskala is the managing director and a producer for the production company Vaski Filmi ltd. He’s worked as a freelance cameraman in China/Beijing 2001. Since that he has worked as a producer, DOP and director in several documentary films since 2004. He was one of the directors in Rebels with a Cause, which won the best documentary award in Murmansk Northern Character film festival. Niskala has participated in many documentary developing projects and workshops like Eurodoc and 12 for the Future. He has worked in the international feature films, mainly as a fixer, location scout and location manager in Northern Finland area. He's also been a teacher in various media schools since 2003. He was one of the producers behind Planet of Snail which was one of the most successful documentary films in 2011-2012 worldwide. Niskala is a former chairman and set up member for the Film Producers and Professionals association of Northern Finland (PAVA).



Martin Breum is a journalist, author and documentarist with a special focus on the Arctic. He has made (with Jakob Gottschau) three tv-documentaries on Arctic issues: security, oil and sovereignty-issues at the North Pole plus a six-part series of documentaries on relations between Greenland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. His book Cold Rush about Greenland’s and Denmark’s Arctic engagement was published in the UK and Canada in June 2018. His latest book in Danish Hvis Grønland river sig løs (If Greenland Secedes) was published in April 2018. Balladen om Grønland has been translated into a free e-book: The Greenland Dilemma. His first book about Danish-Greenlandic relations Når isen forsvinder (When the ice disappears), won the Danish Authors Association’s 2014 Best Nonfiction Award. He covers the Arctic for media in Denmark, Greenland, Bruxelles and the USA. He is a former tv-anchor with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and former Deputy Director of International Media Support that runs media development projects in more than 30 countries.


Elvira Serga is an editor-in-chief of the TV channel TV-21. She is a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. She has been working more than 25 years as a journalist and has a great experience of working at newspapers, Radio, and TV. Her favorite genre is a special major report with focus at Northern fleet of the Russian Federation, social journalism, TV interactive projects. She is initiator of several popular innovative projects which include “Poehali”, “Without brakes!” She works a lot with young journalists who start their careers and thinks that there is no impossible tasks in the journalism and in the life.


Valery Ruzin,  PhD in philosophy. President of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio (EATR), producer of different TV projects which have been broadcasted on Russian national channels for many years. Valery Davydovich participated in creation of more than 40 documentaries including last films: "In search of Babushkins' family" (2015) and "Near the Moscow" (2016). Valery Ruzin is a member of the Russian filmmakers union and a recipient of the golden badge of honour "The public recognition". He is an author of numerous research papers  on recreation sociology, infornation technologoes and movie-culture.