Existential issues in opening film ”Karenina & I”

 Existential issues in opening film ”Karenina & I”

 Existential issues in opening film ”Karenina & I” at Northern Character International Film & TV Festival 2017

 This year’s opening film, Norwegian-Russian ”Karenina & I”, has multiple layers, and is much more than a Russian train journey in search for Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

 Norwegian actress and producer Gørild Mauseth and her Italian director-husband Tommaso Mottola literally made it a family project. The mixture between fiction and documentary was necessary to delve into both the parallels and differences between Karenina and Mauseth.

 The story revolves around Gørild Mauseth, an actress who plays Anna Karenina in a Norwegian theatre. She is offered to play the role on stage in Vladivostok, and the whole family travels through Russia by train. En route, it becomes a quest to understand Tolstoy’s motivation for writing the tragic and classic story.

 – The film has many layers, besides Gørild playing ”Anna Karenina” in Vladivostok. How does one becomes a person? What is the meaning of family? A few years into the production process Gørild’s own history became more important, says director Tommaso Mottola. – We lived in Italy with our young son, but she felt was more and more drawn to the north and her home town. As a documentarist, I had to follow her, and the stories of Gørild and Anna got a new dimension. – A large difference is that I have roots that Anna did not have, says Mauseth, who has enjoyed great success with the film.

 The film is screening at 06.30 at the Murmansk Cinema, Thursday 23 November.