Blue Hare joined the festival’s symbol team

Blue Hare joined the festival’s symbol team

For more than ten years the figure of a cameraman has remained an enduring symbol of the festival – that is a person who looks at the world through the lens of a movie camera. However, one more symbol is always used to emphasize originality of each festival. They are always created by Murmansk artists - each one in its style.

The guests of the festival remember such symbols as the "Portrait of the Northern Lights" and the reels with the film symbolizing crossroad of two cultures. However, the symbol of the year 2017 was remembered and liked by many participants and guests of the festival. The White Bear - big and warm, solid and fearless was created by the Murmansk artist and active participant in international art projects Veronika Vologzhannikova.

This year, the Bear did not want to rest in the archive, and even on the contrary - he is accompanied by the blue hare with a movie camera. The bear was entrusted with a time code slate and equipped with snowshoes.

"The Bear and The Hare have real northern character! They live on the Kola peninsula and make films about our land! Therefore, it was fair to turn them into the symbols of the festival ", - consider the artist Veronika Vologzhanknikova and designer Anton Nenyaev.

Organizers of the festival are sure that the design of the future festival "Northern Character" will create a special atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding. Meanwhile, the first applicants of the "Northern Character" - 2018 have already sent their works to the contest. You can fill in the application on the website.