International Jury - film directors and TV journalists from five countries

International Jury - film directors and TV journalists from five countries

Professional International Jury of the XI Northern Character is formed. Here are the members.

Chairman is Yusup Razykov from Russia.  He isis a director, screenwriter, actor and an artist. Since October 1990 he has been working as a head of the "Uzbekfilm" film studio. He is a director and scriptwriter of the first Uzbek TV series “Domla” (1994) and “Order” (1997).  He is an honored artist of the Uzbekistan Republic (since 2001) and the author of the acclaimed film “Shame”. This film was shot in Liinakhamari and describes a story of submariners' wives, as well as love and devotion. He also directed “Turkish saddle" film and now is working with two film projects - "Dance with sabers" and "Kerosene”.

 Kersti Grunditz Brennan (Sweden) is a Filmmaker, Editor, Assistant Professor of Film Editing and PhD-candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts. She has her MFA in dance, but has for the past 20 years mainly worked with documentary film for both cinema and more arts related contexts. She is the editor of several award-winning documentaries and the director of films about Kerstin Ekman, Carl Johan De Geer and the festival touring, award winning film about Michael Jackson’s choreographer Vincent Paterson; The Man Behind the Throne.

Per Kristian Olsen (Norway) worked as a journalist for several Norwegian newspapers both in Tromsø, Kirkenes and Oslo. Since 1989 he has been director/producer for NRK radio and from 2000 for NRK Television North-Norway in Tromsø where he has written and directed several TV documentaries and documentary series on a wide number of subjects from rock music via literature, sled dogs to historical and contemporary political issues.

Mikko Leinonen (Finland) is a Rovaniemi based camera operator and director of photography. After graduating from film school in 2002 he worked years in commercials, documentaries and feature films in Southern Finland. Last years he has been occupied with documentaries and Tv-series filmed up in northern Finland such as Finnish- German co-production Arctic Circle and crime drama Kaikki Synnit.

Martin Breum (Denmark) is a journalist, author and documentarist with a special focus on the Arctic. He has made (with Jakob Gottschau) three tv-documentaries on Arctic issues: security, oil and sovereignty-issues at the North Pole plus a six-part series of documentaries on relations between Greenland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Wrote several books about the Arctic. He is a former tv-anchor with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and former Deputy Director of International Media Support that runs media development projects in more than 30 countries.

Elvira Serga (Russia) is an editor-in-chief of the TV channel TV-21. She is a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. She has been working more than 25 years as a journalist and has a great experience of working at newspapers, Radio, and TV. Her favorite genre is a special major report with focus at Northern fleet of the Russian Federation, social journalism, TV interactive projects.