Northern Character´s Winners

Northern Character´s  Winners

24 SNOWS at Northern Character International Film &TV Festival 2018 in Murmansk


The film 24 SNOWS made an unforgettable impression on the Northern Character 2018 jury in Murmansk this weekend. It is a magical story about a horse breeder, Sergey, who lives in the region where low temperatures records are usual and where everything is frozen, including the time itself. Sergey does not work because of money, but because he loves his job. And he counts the years at the tundra by counting the various types of snow.


24 SNOWS is made by director and scriptwriter Mikhail Barynin. Cinematography is by Semen Amanatov, Yury Berezhnov and Mikhail Kardashevsky
Sound production and sound design is made by Innokenty Sivtsev.


Here are the winners of the seven competition categories:


  • Documentary

The winner is THE POWER GRID (Clara Bodén, Sweden)

Scriptwriter, director – Clara Bodén
cinematographer – Johan Hannu
Sound producer – Cicely Irvine


  • Documentary Debut

The winner is PARKED (Syden FIlm, Norway)
Scriptwriter, director, cinematographer – Fredrik Mortensen


  •      TV Program

The winner is THREE INDIOTS (TV-21 TV company, Murmansk, Russia)


Scriptwriter – Ivan Gerasimov, Alexandr Sunyaev

Director – Ivan Gerasimov, Alexandr Sunyaev

cinematographers – Ivan Gerasimov, Alexandr Sunyaev

Sound producer – Vladislav Belyakovsky


  •        Culture Program


The winner is THE PRICE OF LIFE (Original Film AB, Sweden)


Scriptwriter – Åsa Faringer, Sara Lidman
Director – Åsa Faringer
Cinematographer – Göran Gester
Sound producer – Hans Barkman
Narrator – Cecilia Nilsson


  •         Youth Program

The winner is THE SCHOOL NURSE (Lampray, Sweden)


Director - Anna Brodin, Frida Sandberg 
Producer - Linus Andersson
Sara - Elvira Grenholm
Lucas - Jonas Bergdahl


  •        Short Fiction Film

The winner is BIRDS IN THE EARTH (Marja Helander, Finland)


Scriptwriter, director – Marja Helander
Cinematographer – Mauri Lähdesmäki
Sound producers – Pekka Aikio, Pekka Kumpulainen, Konsta Muffler Mikkonen


  • Report

The winner is CHEBACHIKHA (Tatiana Lozhnikova, Omsk oblast, Russia)


Scriptwriter – Tatiana Lozhnikova

Director – Tatiana Lozhnikova

Cinematographer – Tatiana Lozhnikova

Sound producer – Yury Bazhenov



is awarded to Semen Amanatov, Yury Berezhnov, Mikhail Kardashevsky (24 SNOWS, Mikhail Barynin, Moscow, Russia)



 is awarded to Valentina Svensson (SVETLANA AND KURT FOREVER, Svalafilm, Sweden)


THE JURY’S SPECIAL DIPLOMA is awarded to the film

FOR ALL OUR FATHERS FOUGHT (Tundra Film, Norway in co-production with Pomor Film, Norway and TV-21, Russia)


Scriptwriter, director - Hilde Korsaeth
Cinematography- Hilde Korsaeth, Sergei Pashkov, Aleksandr Sanitskyi
Sound designer - Rune Hansen
Editor - Gry Marhaug



is awarded to the film

OVERDRIVE. RETURN POINT (Studio Vstrecha, Moscow, Russia)

for its poetic revealing of the themes Fidelity and Duty

Scriptwriter, director – Natalia Gugueva
Cinematographer – Irina Uralskaya
Sound designer – Nikolay Ustimenko



82 films participated in the competition program at this 11th Northern Character Festival, November 29- December 2. Films and TV programs from many countries were screened, some outside the competition program as well. The festival’s emphasis is on films from the North, and most participating filmmakers were from Russia and the Nordic countries.


The competing categories are Documentary Film, Documentary Debut, TV Program, Report, Culture Program, Youth Program and Short Fiction Film.


Northern Character’s Grand Finale was Saturday’s Award Ceremony, where winners in seven categories were honoured and acknowledged by the international

Festival Jury as well as by fellow film workers and journalists.


Since 2008, Murmansk region hosts Northern Character International Film & TV Festival. During these 10 years, Northern Character has become a visiting card of the Murmansk region, a birth place for new names in documentary and feature cinematography, a meeting place for film professionals – masters and beginners – as well as for admirers of high-quality films. The festival program includes  film competitions in 7 various categories, master classes, screening of a large number of films and TV programs, discussions and debates, creative meetings between filmmakers and audience – and cultural events.

Northern Character is organized by the television company TV21, supported by Murmansk regional government and Nornickel Company.